We translate pieces that range in length from short questionnaires and chapters in books to full-length manuals and books. Though we specialize in Medical Research, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pharmacology, we are currently extending our services to include fiction and other types of non-fiction. Contact us for more information and an estimate:


International publication requires precise and fluid language with correct grammar and punctuation. We adopt the reader’s point of view while maintaining the author’s voice to help you present your complex ideas in an understandable and eloquent way. Though we proofread and edit in various fields, we specialize in the fields of Medical Research, Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pharmacology.

The line between proofreading (scanning written work for minor mistakes and redundancies) and editing (revising the work, deleting/adding material) is often blurry. Most scientific articles require between three and nine hours of proofreading; this is dependent on the original language quality. We charge by the hour for this service. Please contact us for an estimate:

For easy to understand help with your writing, please visit "writing tips" under the ENG top menu.

English Classes

English classes can be tailored to meet your specific needs, such as for public speaking, or can follow a course using well-known books. The type of course is up to you. Courses range from general English for Norwegians using the books Bridges 1 and 2 (Folkeuniversitetets forlag) to more specific, advanced English using books from Oxford or Cambridge Press. For those of you who are interested in literature, we offer an informal course based on the “book club model”, which means that you choose the thought-provoking book to read and discuss with a small group of intellectually stimulating people.

Oral Presentation of Your Work in English

Not all of us feel comfortable speaking publicly, and speaking in a foreign tongue doesn’t make it easier. If you are to present your research as a lecture or a poster in English at an international conference, you might consider brushing up on your English. We help you rehearse your presentation and prepare you for a question-answer session.

You are welcome to contact us with questions or requests at