Ottar Bjerkeset MD, PhD works as a psychiatrist in private practice in Levanger, Norway. He is also a research advisor at the Department for Research and Development (RaD) at Levanger Hospital and Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology ( in Trondheim, Norway. He has a decade of experience teaching various mental health topics from popular science to University/PhD level.

Through ProfCom, he offers the following services regarding Psychiatry:

Teaching clinical psychiatric topics: affective disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, psychiatric epidemiology, research methods and psychopharmacology. His lectures are often followed by exercises, role play and/or group work. Hand-outs (PowerPoint) are sent to the employer via e-mail before the lecture.Clinical tuition and guidance (general psychiatric outpatient clinics)

Lectures and courses can be held in Norwegian, English, or German.
If you have any questions, please contact Ottar directly: